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Sitting here at night
Contemplating what is right

We're not living in a dream
Things are worse than they seem

Then it comes to me
All the troubles that we see

Are caused by inept people
Who are tearing down the steple

Looking in the mirror
What do they see

The reflection of deceptive action
They blame on the opposing faction
jtp 3/20/2022


These days the world is full of nuts
They have no brains and no guts

They cannot face you like a man
They hide behind a battering ram

It seems that soon all will need
To carry arms, take my heed

To protect your freedom and your life
You'll need to use a gun and/or knife

This all came about from the liberals
Giving more rights to the criminals

Being soft on breakers of the law
Brings out the monster in them all

Its time to stop the soft approach
And treat them like a cockroach

America's freedoms are in decline
We must restore them to their prime
jtp 08/04/2022


Day turns into night
Night turns into day

The leftist politicians
Swing and sway

You never know
What's their next move

Falsehoods proliferate
They're all in the grove

Weakening America's freedoms
How much more can we take

Their action has reached the limits
It's time to put on the brakes
jtp 3/20/2022


Its time to clear the air
The leftist policies are unfair

The country is shaking
A revolution is in the making

Mandates and lockdowns are illegal
Time to call out the American Eagle
jtp 7/1/2020


The left, the left, the right
We're gearing up for a fight

Politics have become a war
Socialist dimmys want to soar

To them the people be damned
The left needs to be slammed

Leftist ideas are not new
The can't reinvent the brew

Its time they're put in their place
Remove the leftist, open the space

Let's make November
Something great to remember
jtp 9/10/2020

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