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The left calls us deplorables
But we're really adorables

Providing for one's family
Working through the insanity

Not condemning others
Treating them like brothers

Problems can be resolved
If both sides really get involved

Talking, negotiating, resolution
Helps prevent a revolution

So keep in mind
It pays to be kind
jtp 8/29/2019


Piter Pater, Spiter Spater
I think I know what is the matter

Can't let loose of the reins
What happened to your brains

For the peolpe you don't give a damn
Till they hit you with a battering ram

Keep up the the dubious work in dc
You are about to become history
jtp 7/1/2020


Parade, Parade
Charade, Charade

To play their game
You have to be lame

They care more for illegals
Than they do about legals

The biggest trouble with the left
Is that they are all deft

Monkey see, monkey do
Just like visiting a zoo
jtp 7/7/2019


Back stabbers, snitches and rats
Their belfry is full of bats

Here we go again
On the Quid-Pro-Quo train

To destroy the president
The left is hell bent

Actions that are off the rail
One by one their actions fail

Nothing here, nothing there
Nothing anywhere

Regain power they lost
Regardless of the cost
jtp 10/24/19


Up and down
Round and round

The debate goes on and on
Time to get their feet on the ground

Stories and positions change
Seems they're roaming the range

One day you'll realize
What you offer is not a prize

Giving everythign away
Without enough money to pay

Brings hardships and strife
To people's everyday life

People will soon understand
You're playing with a rubber band

Things will sping back
Because substance you lack
jtp 10/7/19


Politics, politics, what a racket
Don't know how people can hack it

Justice is not two tiered
What is that they feared

Are you finally fed up
Open your eyes, wake up

Time to take government back
Put the crooks on the rack
jtp 3/13/22


Its time to clear the air

Get rid of the incompetent politicians

Its only fair

America deserves better
jtp 3/19/22


Three politicians in a shoe
What next will they do

Innuendos and lies
Without any ties

They're cruising down a crooked road
Like a big fat ugly toad

Due process is tossed in the trash
The president they want to bash

Gaining power is all that matters
For the people chitter chatters
jtp 12/9/19


They rant, they rave
They belong in a cave

Destroy the president
Is their true bent

Not working for betterment
Only concerned with detriment

Exposure would bring an end
Their corruption it would suspend

How much are the citizens to take
Before burning them at the stake
jtp 9/8/19


There are twist and turns
Ceating a decieving mist

The report from the left is number four
It doesn't open any new door

For resonable people the end it shows
Leaving the left with more woes

The time has come
The left has not won

When all is said and done
The results put many on the run

With all its turns and twist
The left created a deceiving mist
jtp 6/18/19


It never ceases to amaze
This illegal immigrant craze

There seems to be a conundrum
Which the politicos pass off, ho hum

What part of illegal don't they understand?
jtp 6/13/2019

(This is for all you democrats)

Give us relief from the stress
Clean up your ugly mess

The self-centered track
Will put you on the rack

Get with the people
Move out of the steeple

Don't be so stubborn
Do your job and govern
jtp 7/1/2020


Ideas from the left
Leave one bereft

Looking close you see
Nothing they say could really be

The left wants to create a recession
So they can control your pocessions

One should understand
And take a hard stand

Don't give the left a chance
You won't enjoy the dance

Keep your wits, give a hoot
Kick them out with your boot
jtp 9/8/2009


The shifting clump
Is predicting a slump
They and their ideas belong in a dump

Tearing down for their own gain
Constantly predicting rain
They're getting to be a pain

Predictions that have no weight
They do it with a face so straight
Get rid of them before its too late

Shut down the leftist strategy
Before it turns into a tragedy
Or it could become a catastrophe!
jtp 8/24/1209


Slippery as an eel
They go round like a wheel

Spouting words aloud
Trying to attract a crowd

On they ramble day after day
Proving the have nothing to say

The words they speak
Are aimed at the meek

Give up the masquarade
No one will follow your parade
jtp 2/10/19


When they go out gunning
They think they are funning

Lunatics galore
Who's minding the store

Information should be disclosed
Fanatics need to be exposed
jtp 6/16/19


What is there about
That makes you shout

Time goes by and you wonder
Whose responsible for this blounder
jtp 7/4/19

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