: : POETRY 4 : :


Life is fleeting
Moments pass

Thoughts recurring
Lying in the grass

Time is short
Must work with haste

So much to complete
Cannot waste

What to do next
Things repeating

Moments pass
Life is fleeting
jtp 10/10/2013


Anyway you measure

Joints stiffen up
You're not a young pup

Looking to the past
Seems to have gone too fast

Life moves forward
You need to get on board

Don't pussy foot
You might grow roots

Jump on the exercise train
Work your body, work your brain
jtp 9/20/2019


We look at the moon
We look at the stars

We wonder about space
We wonder about Mars

The mind tends to wander
The mind tends to roam

The world is our playground
The world is our home
jtp 3/1/2020


Love is more than emotion
Love is happiness
Love is sadness

True love is long term
Love is caring
Love is sharing

Love is everlasting
Through the good and bad times
Love is listening to the chimes
jtp 3/1/2020


I look at the sky
And wonder why

The clouds, the sun
The stars, the moon
jtp 2/24/2020


We make a fuss
And we cuss

Nothing to gain
We sit in the rain

Life goes by
No one says hi

On who can you depend
You don't have a friend

As we ponder
Our mind does wonder

Not one call
It's already fall

Soon winter will appear
There is nothing to fear
jtp 10/19/2017


Every day we die a little
While the clown plays the fiddle

Years pass as the pieces come together
Storm after storm we weather

One never knows what life will bring
We just wait for the bell to ring
jtp 2/28/2020


Lightening thunder
Life is a wonder

Each day we strive
Glad to be alive
jtp 1/18/2020


Is there meaning in a dream
Sometimes it would seem
Like running water in a stream

The narratives are so vast
Scenes change ever so fast
It passes by, it does not last

Dreams they seem so real
Often they seem ideal
Often they become an ordeal

jtp 8/21/2019


Life is strange
Like being on a range

Sun shines at times
Making strange rhymes

Out of the dark
Comes a meadowlark

Beautiful sites appear
Strange sounds we hear

The aroma of flowers
We spend many hours

Enjoying what we see
Fills us with glee

Putting in play
Sharing the way

Life is mysterious
Challenging the curious

Changes on the stage
Comes with age

Time to reflect
Life's total effect

We look at the moon
The end comes too soon
jtp 5/22/2020

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