: : POETRY 3 : :


Tick tock goes the clock
Seconds and minutes
Hours and days

Time goes on and on
Sometimes slow
Sometimes fast

Winds churn the air
At times calm
At times furious

Rain comes down
Often as a drizzle
Often drenching

Time does not stand still
jtp 10/14/2019


Night Falls
Moonlight shines

Stars emerge
Its bedtime

Daybreak arrives
Sunlight beams

Smiles appear
Fulfilling dreams
jtp 9/8/2019


Lying here wondering
What it would have been like

If I had been treated
Differently as a tyke
jtp 1/14/2020


Many start a rhyme
With 'Once Upon A Time'

But for a real start
Put your ideas in a cart

Then pick them out one by one
You'll find its a lot more fun
jtp 8/16/2019


There is nothing like a good long walk
Passing your neighbors, you stop to talk

In the park wonders you obsefrve
Refreshing air that all deserve

Smelling the flowers as you go by
And watching the birds as they fly

Its times like this
You really miss
jtp 810/2019


Daylight stalls
Nighttime falls

Stars bright

Never ending dreams

Hours tick away
Waiting for the next day
jtp 10/10/2018


Spring and early summer
The weather is fair

Flowers and bushes start a new life
Springtime aroma fills the air
jtp 7/22/2022


The beauty of flowers
The surroundings of nature

Create a feeling that last for hours
Take time to enjoy the rapture
jtp 10/11/2019


As we walk along
We sing a song

About the beauty of the day
The glory of the sunlight's ray

Friends we see and greet
Strangers we're glad to meet

Enjoy the feeling, the happiness
Brush away any sadness

Days are filled with glory
Its a beautiful story
jtp 10/12/2019


We make a fuss
And we cuss

Nothing to gain
We sit in the rain

Life goes by
No one says hi

On who can you depend
You don't have a friend

As we ponder
Our mind does wonder

Not one call
It's already fall

Soon winter will appear
There is nothing to fear
jtp 10/30/2019


Writing at times is a pleasure
At times its like hunting for hidden treasure

Thoughts are few, the brain stalls
Like banging your head against brick walls

Then a bright light emerges
Ideas begin to come in surges

What a pleasure when it works out
You just want to stand up and shout
jtp 9/6/2019


Dreams at night
Often seem real

Images so lifelike

It takes a bit of time
To realize it was a cream
jtp 7/23/2022


First we look
The we see

Open a book
What will be

Head in a cloud
Use your brain

Think out loud
Lot to gain
jtp 1/14/2020


There is no mystery
If you study history

The facts will tell
How deep is the well

Doors are unlocked
Nothing is blocked

Study history to reveal
What is fake and what is real
jtp 7/31/2019


Friendships abound
But no one's around

Loneliness takes its toll
Soon they'll add you to the roll
jtp 10/9/2013


The leaves are turning
Red, Yellow, Brown

The chill is coming
The wind goes round

Its that time
We bundle up

And put some cocoa
In our cup
jtp 10/7/2013

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