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Sitting alone at night
Makes me wonder

Staring out at the stars
Thoughts like thunder

The moon lights up the night
Mind asunder

The approaching early dawn

Time to come back to earth
jtp 9/29/2013


Once, and now that time is gone
Life moved at a slower pace

Technology did not knock you down
You had time to contemplate your place

Now its rush here, rush there
No time to admire life,

To appreciate the scenery,
To become aware
jtp 9/13/2013


Swinging gently marking time
           Life goes on relentlessly

What do we do to understand
            Count the seconds

From left to right, all night
            From left to right, all day

We sit and watch and wait
            Time like this passes slow

But then where are we to go
            No place, no escape

Life has us locked up in this
            Moment, pendency

Swinging gently marking time
jtp 9/13/2013


Where do we go from here
What is over there

You look, you wonder
Is the grass really greener
on the other side.

How many times do you think
About making a change

Will you be lucky enough
to make it alone

Is anything in life
Worth all the suffering

You work, you endure
You pass your time like a
Speck of dust in the dessert
jtp 11/9/2017


What is, to
Not to like

What is, to
Not to see.

What is, to
Not to hear.

What is, to
Not to smell.

What is, to
Not to touch.

What is, to
Not to taste.

What is, to
Not to think.

What is, to
Not to love.

What is, to
Not to live.
jtp 11/9/2017


Life is fleeting
Moments pass

Thoughts recurring
Lying in the grass

Time is short
Must work with haste

So much to complete
Cannot waste

What to do next
Things repeating

Moments pass
Life is fleeting
jtp 10/10/2013


What makes one wonder
Like crackling thunder

The day to day exchange
Like riding on the range

What is it that drives us
Like taking a trip on the bus

We walk, we talk, we think
Like washing our hands in the sink

People converse, but say naught
Like sailing away in a yacht

In the end it is hard to explain
Like flying away in a plane

Actions taken everyday
There is nothing more to say
jtp 10/5/2013


Time passes, can't sleep at night
Though you try with all your might

What seems to be a restless soul
Is really from life taking its toll

What appears to be lost from the past
Is blown in the wind like a vessel's mast

But there are times of real fluidity
On the verge of ingenuous intuity

Never fear all is truly not lost
Its just that age comes with a cost
jtp 9/29/2013

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