: : POETRY 1 : :


You look at the sun
You look at the moon

The stars fill the sky
And you wonder why

Lightening you see
Thunder you hear

Rain it comes, rain it goes
Rainbows appear on the horizon

Out of the blue
Without a clue

Spring flowers bloom
Fall leaves decend

Life is the meaning of it all
jtp 7/29/2019


Pillow echoes raindrops
Very disturbing

Thunder roaring
Sound immersing

Lightning flashing
Ever blinding

Can't sleep
jtp 8/18/2019


Time seems to fly
As days go by

Once they seemed to take forever
Stopping them you can never

Before you can stop and think
You find yourself on the brink

At that time you look back
And wonder if in fact

Life itself was worth it!
jtp 8/29/2019


What makes you so alluring
What makes you so demurring

The light at night
You can't take flight

You draw me near
But you're not sincere

The pace is never ending
You can't stop the spending

Life continues to revolve
Problems you do not solve

Affairs of state
You can't gauge your fate

You grow to excess
You say this is progress

For what do you really strive
You can't live in a beehive

You corrupt my mind
Your environs are not kind

Life must go on
You can't water the lawn

Memories are so brief
Your turning a new leaf

What is this new view
You can't see the zoo

Infrastructure deteriorates
The council hallucinates

Old new plans abound
You can't get off the merry-go-round

One last great deed
You planted a new seed

Hope springs eternal
You can't use the urinal

From your body life passes
Exodus of the masses

Skeletons of the past remain
You can't remember your name
jtp 7/4/1994


The end of summer is near
Soon we'll close another year

Flowers will wilt, gone are the bees
Leafs will turn colors and fall from the trees

The snow will soon begin
Days will shorten, lights will dim

Winter ends, spring days emerge
Trees begin to leaf, flowers will surge

Longer days will soon be here
Bright sun rays will bring cheer

Summer arrives in all its glory
Adding a new chapter to the story
jtp 9/13/2019


Life is really strange
Like living on the range

One day all is well
Next day everything goes to hell

Ups and downs come and go
One must goes with the flow

Life's lessons must be learned
Otherwise you will get burned

Take life one step at a time
jtp 8/13//2019


It is a pity
To live in a city
That is so gritty

Homelessness prevails
Trash covers the trails
Can't hide it with veils

City leaders are lax
The raise the tax
Give them the ax

Useless spending
Terms ending
New day ascending
jtp 8/18/2019

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