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Passing the time
Wondering to myself

Things from the past
Long been on the shelf

So many things pass
From youth to old age

Revieweing history
Page after page

Memories remembered
Unlocked from the mind

Episodes recalled
Our lives we rewind

And so we move on
jtp 10/11/2022


Clear morning air
    Rising sun rays

New day
    Fresh start

You and the world
    Grab it by the tail

Pursue your dreams
    Make them reality

The wind is in your sails
jtp 8/11/2022


Life has its stages
Time does not race

From beginning to end
We age at a steady pace

Childhgood to adolesence
Twenties to middle age

Up the ladder we go
Passing through each stage
jtp 10/132022


I look at the moon
I look at the stars

And I wonder what
Life is like on Mars

Space is amazing
The vast unknown

Curiousity peaks
The mond does roam

Here on earth
Life is stable

Our dreams roam
From the breakfast table
jtp 9/21/2022


Sleepless nights
Imagitive sights

Filled with dreams
Life just seems

Side to side you roll
Unable to sleep takes it toll

Sleep comes, sleep goes
Your in night's throws

Passage of times
Ring of the chimes

Thoughts galore
From before

Dark is the sky
Hours pass by

Toss and tumble
Midnight rumble
jtp 10/11/2022


Sitting in the kitchen
Looking out the patio door

The whole world opens up
Imagination runs wild

You feel adventurous
Time for another cup
jtp 9/21/2022

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