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Is there a politician
Who doesn't act like a magician

Left side or Right side
What are they trying to hide

Shenanigans they want concealed
But slowly the truth is revealed

Get down from the heights
Quit stomping on people's rights
jtp 4/4/2023


We move along like
a clock, tic toc, tic toc

We hold steady like a rock

We raise our family
to be honest and strong

We live life to the fullest
as we move along

We often put our faith in those
that usurp their power

We peacefully revolt to regain
our freedom, hour by hour

We believe in America
and her freedoms

America is strong and
will never succumb
jtp 7/24/2022


We look and wonder
Why there is no thunder

Runble, rumble in the distance
Changes occur in an instance

Dark clouds fill the sky
And then they begin to cry

Tears of joy, tears of pain
Refreshing drops of rain
jtp 3/26/2022


Time flies by
As we look at the sky

Clear blue and sunlit
A perfect day, a perfect fit
jtp 3/20/2022


Sitting in the kitchen
Looking out the patio door
The whole world opens up

Imagination runs wild
You feel adventurous
Time for another cup
jtp 2/14/2022


Rain, rain the time passes by
Darkness fills the sky

Lightening thunder
Winds blowing asunder

The night drags along
It seems so long

Can't wait for the early ligt
jtp 1/13/2021


We all begin life
As tikes without strife

But as we grow
The seeds we sow

Tell a tale wide
Right or left side

Good or bad
Happy or sad

Which road we take
Will it be a mistake

We reflect on the past
The future comes so fast
jtp 5/14/2020


Time Comes, Time Goes
You're in life cycle's throws

On your way
No time to play

Sights are grand
Strike up the band

Lightening flashes
Thunder clashes

Look Left, Look Right
Time to take flight
jtp 1/1/2020


Hand and hand we go through life
Me and my beautiful wife
jtp 3/1/2020


Life is a jungle
Hope we don't bungle

Lies from here
Lies from there

Can anyone survive
Remedies they don't provide

The administration fabricates
They've opened all the gates

Harm to the fold
Every move more bold

Not up to the task
What next we ask

Its time to make a change
Put them out on the range
jtp 4/4/2023


Watching the glow of the moon
Listening to an old country tune

A wonderful way to pass the night
Not a worry in sight
jtp 7/19/2022


One wonders about all things
What happiness or sadness brings

Whether its good times
or times of strife

Imagination kicks in
to brighten one's life
jtp 3/18/2022


Escape life in dreams
Enjoy the sunbeams

Don't have a care
Daydreams fill the air

Afternoon is here
Evening is near

The moon lights up the night
You prepare to take flight

Stars fill the sky
Making a path to fly

Flights completed
Dreams deleted

Sleep takes over
A field of clover

Newday arrives
Into new dreams one dives
jtp 10/18/2019


Strange as it seems
You don't live in dreams

Life is real
Its not a made up deal

There are rewards
You can work towards

Fully live each day
Take time to play

Work to earn a living
Do a little giving

Keep family together
No matter the weather

Share your feelings
Have honest dealings
jtp 12/9/2019


Thinking about

Daily bumblings

You seek

Things found

Memory reflections

Don't regress

You believe

Every day
jtp 9/22/2019


Days come, days go
Some days the sun will glow

Some days the clouds roll in
Some days we lose
Somedays we win

The moon lights up the night
The stars make it bright

Some nights clouds cover the sky
One then retires with a sigh

Day turns to night
Night turns to day
jtp 3/19/2022


Along the way
We swing and sway

Often we move too fast
The moment doesn't last

Slowly the bells will chime
When you take your time
jtp 3/27/2022


Clear morning air
Rising sun rays

New day
Fresh start

You and the world
Grab it by the tail

Pursue your dreams
Make them reality

The wind is in your sails
jtp 3/15/2022


Lonely days
Missing sunays

Lonely nights
No bright lights

No friends to call
No one at all

You're all alone
In you home

Days pass slowly
What it means to be lonely
jtp 12/24/2019


Mysterious talking
While walking

Pay attention
Apply retention

Utilize your brain
You will gain

Lock in your head
What is said

The words of wisdom
Form a colorful prism
jtp 10/21/2019


We don't do the things we used to do
No matter how much I care for you

Excuses are now our way of life
We live in a time of strife

You don'r care for me
As always
You want to break free
As always

You have other things on your mind
Our lost love I cannot find

Gone are what used to be happy times
Here now the sun no longer shines
jtp 7/21/2021

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